7年级上册Starter-Unit 9重要词组

a photo / picture of my family 一张我的全家福

a set of 一套;一副;一组

ask ... for ... 请求;恳求(给予)

call sb. 给某人打电话

call sb. at +电话号码


come on 快点儿

computer game 电脑玩具;电脑游戏

e-mail sb. at+电子邮箱地址


English books 英语书

excuse me 劳驾;请原谅

first name 名字

Good morning / afternoon / evening! 早上 / 下午 / 晚上好!

Have a good day! (表示祝愿)过得愉快!

How are you? 你好吗?

I see. 我明白了。

ID card 学生卡;身份证

in China 在中国

in English 用英语

in one’s schoolbag 在某人的书包里

in the bookcase 在书柜里

in the first / next photo / picture 在第 / 下一张照片中

in the school library 在学校图书馆

last name 姓

middle school 中学;初中

model plane 飞机模型

on / under one’s bed 在某人的床上 / 下

on / under the sofa / table / chair / desk 在沙发 / 桌子 / 椅子 / 书桌上 / 下

on the teacher’s desk 在讲桌上

pencil box 铅笔盒;文具盒

tape player 磁带播放机

telephone / phone number 电话号码

You’re welcome. 别客气。

a pair of 一双

after class 课后

art festival 艺术节

ask sb. about sth. 问某人关于某事的情况

at our great / big sale 在我们大促销时

baseball / ping-pong bat 棒球球棒 / 乒乓球拍

... be easy / difficult for sb. ……对某人而言简单 / 困难

be late for school / class / work 上学 / 上课 / 上班迟到

birthday dinner 生日宴会

book sale 图书展销会

Can I help you? 我可以帮您吗?

clothes store 服装店


come to my birthday party来参加我的生日派对

eating habits 饮食习惯

English Day 英语节

English test 英语测验

favorite subject 最喜欢的学科

for sure 无疑;肯定

from 12:00 to 1:00从十二点到一点

go to the same school / in the same school上同一所学校 / 在同一所学校

Happy birthday! 生日快乐!

Have a good time! (表示祝愿)过得愉快!

have an art lesson for two hours上一节两个小时的美术课

have math 上数学课

healthy food 健康食品

Here you are. 给你。

in August 在八月

love sports 热爱运动

next week 下周

on Monday 在星期一

one last question最后一个问题

P.E. teacher 体育老师

ping-pong / soccer / tennis ball乒乓球 / 足球 / 网球

play sports 做运动

play+球类运动 打 / 踢……

School Day 学校开放日

school trip 学校旅行

See you! 再见!

See you there! 在那儿见!

sell ... at very good prices 以非常优惠的价格出售……

skirts in purple紫色的裙子

Sounds good.听起来不错。

Sports Day 体育节

sports star 体育明星

the next day 第二天

think about 思考;思索

this term 本学期

two dollars for one pair两美元一双

vegetable salad 蔬菜沙拉

want to do sth. 想要做某事

watch TV 看电视

You’re right. 你是对的。


7年级上册Starter-Unit 9重要句型

1. —What color is it? —It’s red.

2. —What’s her name? —Her name’s Mary.

3. —What’s your telephone / phone number? —It’s 587-6275.

4. This is my friend Jane. That’s my grandfather.

5. These are my brothers. Those are my parents.

6. —Who are they? —They’re my grandparents.

7. Here are two nice photos of my family.

8. What about this dictionary?

9. Thank you for your help, Anna.

10. How do you spell it?

11. —Where’s the schoolbag? —It’s under the table.

12. I think it’s in your grandparents’ room.

13. Let me get it.

Let’s think about the food.

14. That sounds good.

15. I don’t have a soccer ball, but my brother Alan does.

16. Soccer is not easy for me.

17. How about burgers, vegetable salad, and some fruit?

18. Hmm ... and do you like hamburgers for dinner?

19. —How much are these socks?

—They’re two dollars.

20. I need a sweater for school.

21. It looks nice.

22. Come and buy your clothes at our great sale!

23. Socks are only $2 for three pairs!

24. —When is your birthday, Linda?

—My birthday is on May 2nd / It’s on January 5th.

25. —So, how old are you, Alan?

—I’m twelve.

26. Well, do you want to come to my birthday party?

27. When is your geography class?

28. —Why do you like music?

—Because it’s fun.

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