refuse [r?’fju:z] 拒绝(refused him a visa)

present [pr??zent] 授予,呈递 (present sb sth)

repeat [r??pi?t]重说,重新做 (repeat sb sth)

choose [t?u:z] 选择,挑选 (choose sb sth)

pour [p??] 倒;灌;注;涌 (pour sb another drink)

show [???] 引领;带领 显示;展示(show sb sth)

buy [bai] 买(buy sb sth)

teach [ti?t?] 教; 讲(teach sb sth)

promise ['pr?m?s] 承诺; 保证(promise sb sth)

ask [ɑ?sk] 询问; 问(ask sb sth)

bring [br??] 带来(bring sb sth)

lend [lend] (把某物)借出,借给(某人) (lend sb sth)

give [giv] 给;送(give sb sth)

award [??w??d] 授予;判定 (award sb sth)

tell [tel] 告诉;讲,区分(tell sb sth)

book [buk] 预订(book me a hotel)

cost [k?st] 花费;价钱为(cost me 5 dollars)

write [rait] 写(write you a letter)

pass [pɑ:s] 传递(pass me that book)

cook [kuk] 烹调,煮,烧(cook you a pretty meal)

send [send] 发送;派遣去;命令…去 (send you a text massage)

sell [sel] 卖; 出售(sell sb sth)

spare [spe?] 抽出;拨出;留出;匀出(spare you a ticket)

fetch [fet?] 去取(fetch sb sth)

leave [li:v] 把留下(leave sb a massage)

find [faind] 发现; 找到(find you a room)

read [ri:d] 阅读;看懂(read me a story)

return [r??t??n] 归还(return you the book)

draw [dr?:] 画;绘画(draw you a picture)

pick [pik] 采; 摘(pick you a flower)

sing [si?] 唱;唱歌(sing me a song)

take [te?k] 花费(时间)(take him five years)


provide [pr?’va?d]提供;供应 (provide sb with sth)

whisper [?w?sp?] 低语;小声说(whisper sth to sb)

offer [?f?] 提议;提出(offer sth to sb)

share [?ε?] 共享;分享(share sth with sb)

inform [?n?f??m] 告知;通知(inform sb of sth)

remind [r??ma?nd] 提醒(remind sb of sth)

pay [pe?] 支付; 付钱(pay sb for sth)

owe [??] 欠(账、钱、人情等);归功于……(owe sth to sb)

accuse [??kju?z] 指责;谴责;控告(accuse sb of sth)

rob [r?b] 抢劫;盗窃;剥夺(rob sb of sth)

charge [t?ɑ?d?] 收费;控诉(charge sb of/for)

convince [k?n?v?ns] 使信服 (convince sb of sth)

save [seiv] 储存;保存;救命(save sb from)

prepare [pri'pε?] 准备;预备(prepare sth for sb)

divide[d??va?d] 分开 (divide sth into)

attach [??t?t?]] 系上;缚上;附加;连接 (attach sth to )

starve[ stɑ?v ] (使)饿死;饿得要死 (starve …to death)

choke [t??uk] (使)噎住;(使)窒息(choke…to death)

devote [d??v?ut] 献身;专心于(devote oneself to)

sentence [?sent?ns] 判决;宣判 (sentence sb to death)

persuade 说服;劝说(persuade sb into/out of doing)

add [?d] 添加 (add sth to)

protect [pr?u'tekt ] 保护,防卫(protect sb from)

treat [tri:t] 对待;治疗;款待 n. 款待;招待(treat sb to/with)

consider [k?n?s?d?] 考虑,斟酌,认为 (consider sb as)

spend [spend] 花钱;花费 (spend time/ money on sth/doing sth)

prefer [pr?’f?:(r)]更喜爱;钟爱;选择某事物(prefer sth to sth)

debate [d??be?t] 争论;辩论n. 争论;辩论(debate sth with sb)

reduce [r??dju?s] 减少,减低,缩小(reduce sth to)

stick [st?k]粘;粘贴(stick sth to/ on sth)

introduce [??ntr??dju:s] 绍;引见(introduce sb/ sth to sb)

change [t?e?n(d)?] 改变; 变化(change sth tinto)

compare [k?m'pe?] 比较(compare sth with/ to)

discuss [d??sk?s] 讨论,谈论(discuss sth with sb)

borrow [?b?r?u]借入,借来(borrow sth from sb)

combine [k?m?ba?n] (使)联合;(使)结合(combine sth with sth)

mix [m?ks] 混合;调配(mix sth with sth)

apply [??pla?] 涂;使用;有效;应用;运用(apply sth to)

transform [tr?ns?f??m] 转化;转换;改造变换;改革(transform sth into)

exchange [?ks?t?e?nd?] 调换;交换(exchange sth for sth)

adjust [??d??st] 调整;(使)适合(adjust oneself to)

distinguish [d??st??gw??] 显示……的差别;辨别(distinguish sth from)

connect [k?'nekt] 连接(connect sth to/with)

search [s?:t?] 搜索;搜寻;查找(search someplace for sth)

base[be?s] 以……为根据(base sth on sth)

consult [k?n?s?lt] 咨询;请教;商量(consult sth with sb)

focus[?f??k?s] 集中;聚集n. 焦点;中心点(focus sth on sth)

defend [d??fend] 保护;保卫(defend oneself/ sb against)

expose [?k?sp??z] 暴露;揭露;使曝光(expose sb/sth to)

involve [?n?v?lv] 牵涉;涉及;包括;使参与(involve oneself in)

concentrate[?k?nsntre?t] 集中;聚集(concentrate sth on)

fasten [?fɑ?sn] 系牢;扎牢(fasten sth to)


push [pu?] 推 (push the door open)

lift [lift]举起;提起;抬起(lift his head up)

spell [spel] 拼,拼写(spell every word right)

get[get] 得到, 明白;让; 到达 (get my bike repaired)

beg [beg]] 请求;乞求(beg sb to do/ for sth)

expect [?k’spekt] 期盼;等待,预料;预计;期待(expect sb to do sth)

let [let] 让,使(let sb do sth)

see [si:] 看;看见(see…doing/ done/do)

help [help] 帮助(help…do/to do)

catch [k?t?] 抓住;抓住(catch…doing)

advise [?d'vaiz] 向…..提出意见;建议;忠告(advise…to do)

allow [?'lau] 允许;准许(allow…to do )

cause [k?:z] 引起;造成(cause…to do)

hate [he?t] 憎恨,讨厌 (hate sb to do/ doing)

influence [??nflu?ns] 影响,作用于(influence sb to do sth)

permit [p??m?t] 许可;允许;准许(permit sb to do sth)

hear [hi?] 听见(hear sb doing)

warn [w?:n] 警告,告诫(warn sb not to do)

request [r??kwest] 请求;要求(request sb to do)

make [meik] 使,让(make sb do sth)

require [r??kwa?? ] 需要(require sb to do)

watch [w?t?] 观看,看(watch sb doing/ do)

invite [?n’va?t] 邀请(invite sb to do)

appoint[??p??nt] 任命;委派(appoint sb to do)

find [faind] 觉得;发现; 找到(find it difficult)

take [te?k] 引领;使达到;花(时间)( take it easy)

keep 使保持(某种状态),记录,存储(信息) (keep himself awake)

shut [??t] 关上,合上 (shut the door tight)

spread[spred] 扩展,传播 (spread your hands wide)

paint [pe?nt] 绘画;粉刷 paint the wall white

dye [da?] 给……染色;染 dye one’s hair red

select [s??lekt] 挑选;选择(select him our monitor)

call [k?:l] 把??叫做;称呼??给…打电话(call …sb…)

lock [l?k] 锁,锁住(lock them out/in)

kick [k?k] 踢 (kick the ball away)

brush [br??] (用刷子)刷 (brush the snow off)

sweep [swi:p] 清扫,打扫;(sweep sth off)

squeeze [skwi?z] 榨;挤;(压榨squeeze sth out)

sew [s?u] 用针线)缝 缝制;缝合(sew sth on/ up)

wake [we?k] 唤醒(wake sb up)

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